My wife and I enjoy ballroom dancing, just for fun, nothing serious.  I had noticed that it seemed to be coming more and more difficult to maintain my balance when doing turns, espeically 2 or 3 in a row.  We were at a craft show and saw the LIFE783 bracelet.  Since purchasing our bracelets, my wife and I both agree that we are more stable with the bracelets, and are able to once again enjoy doing multiple turns with our dancing.  I would definitely recommend the LIFE783 bracelet.    Frank, Cedar Rapids

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  1. jill says:

    after losing my lifedisign necklace I had been wearing for 8 months, I couldn’t figure out why I was aching so badly all over my body and then the lightbulb came on. It has to be the necklace. Karen promptly came to my rescue and after 24 hours after i put the necklace on I am back in so many ways. Energy is back, joints don’t hurt and I have a clear head again. yippee

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